Business Profile

Kaya Dorper is owned by Kaya Dorper Pty Ltd. and is managed by Dr Adrian Veitch.
Adrian is a veterinarian who has run a specialised sheep artificial breeding company since 1987. The company has undergone a number of name changes in its history from Westbreed, to Allstock Technology, to finally Allstock (WA).

Kaya Dorper Pty Ltd.

Kaya Dorper was established in 1999 with the importation of embryos from South Africa. All genetics at Kaya are direct imports from South Africa.
Kaya Dorper is a specialised Dorper producing unit. We only breed with purebred animals and due to the problems associated with space and management we do not “breed up”.

Kaya Farms is located in the Upper Great Southern region of Western Australia and is in a 16 inch winter rainfall environment. This results in the sheep being on green feed from May through to October and for the remainder of the season they are on dry paddock feed or hay and silage.

Due to the need for numbers, sheep are lambed all year. We have batch matings every 3 months that result in animals being bred in all seasons, both naturally and by embryo collection.

At the 1st January 2015, the flock consisted of 400 Dorper ewes, and 450 White Dorper ewes.

Kaya Dorper aims to produce 1500-2000 lambs per year (50% Dorper / 50% White Dorper) by embryo collection and natural breeding.

Allstock (WA) Pty Ltd.

Allstock (WA) employs 4 full time staff devoted entirely to sheep artificial reproduction.
Allstock (WA) and its former companies have undertaken embryo programs in China, Uruguay, USA, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa, India, Falkland Islands and numerous other overseas countries.

Semen Collection

Allstock (WA) Pty Ltd. has a fully operational export semen collection centre which enables semen to be exported to any country in the world that has an established import protocol with Australia.

All domestic and export semen is collected in 0.25ml straws that have an industry accepted, minimum of 40% live viable sperm.

Artificial Insemination

Allstock (WA) Pty Ltd. has 2 full time veterinarians who inseminate approx. 15000 sheep per year. Our operators are very experienced and we are happy to guarantee our results when all procedures are followed.

Embryo Collection

Allstock (WA) Pty Ltd. has a fully operational export embryo collection centre.
Allstock will guarantee conception results when we are satisfied that the farm, veterinary facilities and staff are of suitable quality.
In the 2005/2006 season, Allstock collected and transferred in excess of 15 000 fresh embryos and collected and froze 3000 embryos. Most of the frozen embryos were for export and included at least 10 different sheep breeds.

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