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Dubbo National Dorper Show 2014

Kaya exhibited 7 rams in 3 classes in the National Dorper Show in Dubbo 2014. This resulted in Reserve Champions in every class we entered.


Kaya 130035 was 1st in the 2 tooth White Dorper ram class and was the Reserve Senior Champion White Dorper Ram.

Sire – Kaya 100990


Kaya 100990 (Type 5) – This ram is 3.5 years old, has been paddock run with not supplementary feeding and weighs in at 126kgs and is still “sound”. He has a SRC index of 131 (top 1% of Dorper Sires in Australia) on Lambplan and he is our most successful sire from the 2012 drop lambs.

Is best son is Kaya 120873 (Type 5) – SRC index of 136.


Breeding for internal parasite resistance/tolerance

At Kaya we are attempting to use the best technology to develop the Dorper and White Dorper into a low maintence animal.

One of the traits which we have identified as an economical significant trait is the resistance / tolerance to intestinal parasites.

Our aim is to breed a worm tolerant animal that still conforms with the International Breed Standards and also is performing in other traits such as growth and fertility.

In 2010 we commenced the testing of all animals less than 18 months of age to identify animals that show genetic tolerance to “worms”.
This involved doing indivual worm egg counts on all weaners and hoggetts.

Research has shown that selection of animals with low faecal worm egg counts (Fec) is heritable and by submitting all our raw data through Sheep Genetics Australia, we now have good ASBV for Fec.

Kaya 071209 who was Champion Senior ram at the 2009 National Dorper Show is ranked number four in Australia on the Dorper SRC index, and also has a -35% for PFec with 80% accuracy.

When reading the data a NEGATIVE value for PFec or YFec is desirable.

Kaya will present Fec data in all our sale catalogues.

T-Bone aIMG_3748

Kaya 110919 – Senior Champion and Grand Champion Ram – Dubbo National Show

Dorper National 110919

Kaya and its affiliated studs travelled the 4000 kms to the Dubbo National show and sale.

Kaya 110919, a ram bred from genetics from Mickey Phillips, South Africa was judged the Senior Champion ram and went on to be the Grand Champion Dorper ram.

Lot 155 - Kaya 110462

Kaya 110462, a White Dorper ram bred from Kaya bloodlines was 2nd in the 4 tooth plus White Dorper class. He was classified as Type 5 in the pre-sale inspection (being 1 of only 4 Type 5 rams classified) and went on to sell for $4500 to Glen Park stud.

Kaya, Inyama, and MPDG presented 10 rams for sale. All these rams were inspected at the pre-sale inspection conducted by the DSSA.
Of the 10 rams presented we had two Type 5 rams (4 for the entire sale) and five Type 4 rams (16 for the entire sale). This result is pleasing as it illustrates that the conformation and type of the Kaya, Inyama and MPDG genetics is what is required by our breed standards.

All animals were also presented with comprehensive performance records and Australia estimated breeding values.

Kaya (NSW) – Sires / Dams

In February 2013 in preparation for our combined Gunnedah sale we had our sheep inspected by Philip van Schalkwyk and due to the quality of animals coming through we have decided to sell all the animals except for 2 Dorper rams and 4 Dorper ewes. Kaya 110919 and 110983 are some of the better rams produced at Kaya and the ewes show all the qualities of elite Dorpers

Gunnedah Sale – 8th March 2013

Kaya Dorper & White Dorper
Combined Autumn Production Sale
(in conjunction with Castlebar and Prieska Dorpers)

8th March 2013

Gunnedah Showgrounds

Inspection 10am – Sale Commences 12pm

Kaya (NSW) is very proud to present the following line up of Dorpers and White Dorpers. The sale is the majority of the drop from embryo programs performed at Prieska Dorpers and have been raised in Inverell NSW. Kaya (NSW) has retained 2 Dorper rams, 1 White Dorper ram, 4 Dorper ewes, and 6 White Dorper ewes to show at the National show.

The animals have been raised on natural pasture with the ram being offered
200 grams/head/day for the last 4 weeks to finish them off for sale and it is obvious from the scanning data that the animals are in peak condition and not overfed. A scanning fat level of 3mm is equivalent to 12mm or score 3.

All the animals that have “MP” in their identification are animals held in partnership with Mickey Phillips Dorpers, South Africa and are 100% Mickey Phillips genetics.
In 2009 Mickey Phillips implanted embryos for his own use in Australia. These animals have excellent cover, size and quality and offer any prospective buyer very high quality genetics.

Kaya Dorper & White Dorpers is a advocate of performance breeding in conjunction with good visual selection.
In the Lambplan database, Kaya Dorpers has 28% (6596 of the 23587) and
Kaya White Dorpers has 10% (6621 of the 63035) of all animals recorded.
This gives us over 13000 animals recorded which results in high accuracies for our Lambplan data. Due to the lateness of our scanning the figures were not available at the release of this catalogue. These figures will be submitted on the 28th Feb 13 and up-to-date ASBV data will be available on from the 5th March.

Kaya/Prieska/Castlebar Combined Dorper & White Dorper Sale

Kaya/Prieska/Castlebar Combined Dorper & White Dorper Sale
8th March 2013 – Gunnedah NSW.
Inspection 10am – Sale 12pm
Elders – Bevan Jolly – 0419033202
Ray White Rural – Kieran Potter – 0437347017

Kaya, in partnership with Prieska Dorpers will offer 30 White Dorper Rams, 30 Dorper Rams, 30 White Dorper Ewes, 30 Dorper Ewes.

All Kaya/Prieska animals were born from embryo transfer programs conducted on the properties of Prieska Dorpers, WA & NSW (OJD-MN1-6 OJD)

All sheep will be officially inspected (International Dorper Breed standards) and will have comprehensive Lambplan figures.

Photographs and catalogue will be available on this website 20th Feb 13.

November 2012

OJD Testing

We have just completed a OJD Pooled Faecal sample (PFC) on our recipient farm situated at Boddington, WA with NEGATIVE results. That farm will now enter the OJD Market Assurance Program with a MN1 status.
All lambs born on this property are vaccinated to give an added guarantee.

This is the first step for Kaya to enter the Dorper and White Dorper market in Australia without any potential health issues.

We can happily claim to be the most tested Dorper and White Dorper stud for OJD in Australia.

We will continue to test our home property but to this point in time, we are yet to isolate a single animal showing any clinical signs of OJD. The only way we can prove that OJD is not on this property is to continue testing and swamp the “authorities” with negative results.

2012 lamb drop

This years drop of lambs in the Dorper and White Dorper studs are the best that we have had by a big distance. The improvement in the Dorper sheep has amazed me. This year we have not trimmed a Dorpers foot although the White Dorper rams were checked and some were trimmed pre-sale.

The covering on Dorpers and White Dorpers has improved dramatically. We will continue our policy of shearing sheep at least 8 weeks pre-sale so it is very evident to the buyers how they “shed” their cover.

Kaya Dorper & White Dorper Sale – 24th October 2012

Kaya Dorper & White Dorper 8th Annual Production sale

50 Dorper rams / 60 White Dorper rams
50 Dorper ewes / 50 White Dorper ewes

Kaya is Brucella Ovis free and has 2 ABC points for OJD being a “tested low level infected flock” (read explanation on previous news posts).

All rams in this sale have had a negative PFC tests performed prior to the sale and, while this is not a 100% guarantee, it will be as good a guarantee as ANYBODY in the sheep industry can provide, given the quality of the available tests and the fact that very few sheep studs have undertaken the Market Assurance Program. Kaya (WA) will be able to provide an Animal Health Statement with 2 ABC points, which is the equivalent of any untested flock in WA.

We are operating on auctionsplus but if required interested parties will be able to ring a Landmark agent at the sale to listen to the auction live and bid.

We are offering 39 Type 5 ewes (21 Dorper / 18 White Dorper), and 41 Type 4 ewes (19 Dorper / 32 White Dorper).
The quality of the ewes in the sale this year are way above what we have ever offered in the past and would be an excellent foundation for any stud.