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Dubbo National Sale 2016

Kaya entered 3 Dorper rams and 3 White Dorper rams in the 2016 Dubbo National Sale.

Dorper Rams
The top priced and only Type 5 ram in the sale was
Kaya “Hijack” 140387 and he sold to the Sunnyside Dorper Stud QLD for $25000

Kaya 140614 (Type 4) sold for $3200

Kaya 140709 (Type 4) sold for $7000

White Dorper Rams
The top priced White Dorper Ram was Kaya “Pepperjack” 140231 and he sold to the Dumisa, African, and Wirlings White Dorper Studs for $15000

Kaya 140297 sold for $10000 to Dust N Rain Stud

Kaya 140326 sold for $8000 to J & D Milne

2016 Bendigo National Show

Grand champion Dorper ramsrs

Kaya made the long trip to the Australian National Show (6600kms) to compete in one of the largest Dorper / White Dorper shows in Australia (484 animals).

I would like to congratulate the organising committee and the volunteers who made the show and sale exceptional. Congratulations also to all the exhibitors for their quality of stock, friendship and passion for an ever-improving breed.

Kaya only competes with rams as we feel that the show preparation, combined with the long trip, has a long-term negative effect on the ewes and their job is extremely crucial, as it is the basis of our stud.

We took 18 rams to compete in 10 classes, with our emphasis always on the heavyweight lambs and adult classes.

Of the 10 classes we entered, we finished 1st in 8 classes and we finished 2nd in one and 3rd in the other.

White Dorpers
Ram lamb (1st Aug – 30th Sept) – Kaya 151340 – 2nd
Ram lamb (1st May – 31st July) – Kaya 150557 – 1st
Ram lamb (>30th April) – Kaya 150275 – 1st & Kaya 150394 – 2nd
Ram (1.5 to 2.5 yo) – Kaya 140231 – 1st & Kaya 140297 – 4th
Ram (>2.5 yo) – Kaya 130620 – 1st

150557 went on to be the Junior Champion White Dorper Ram
140231 went on to be the Senior Champion White Dorper Ram
and then the Grand Champion Ram and the Supreme White Dorper Exhibit.

A pleasing part of the show was that the Junior Reserve Champion Ram shown by Roslynmead West Stud and the Senior Reserve Champion Ram shown by Bunnerungie Stud, were bred from Kaya sires.

Ram lamb (1st Aug – 30th Sept) – Kaya 151314 – 1st
Ram lamb (1st May – 31st July) – Kaya 150612 – 1st
Ram lamb (>30th April) – Kaya 150188 – 3rd
Ram (1.5 to 2.5 yo) – Kaya 140387 – 1st & Kaya 140713 – 4th
Ram (>2.5 yo) – Kaya 120727 – 1st

151314 went on to be the Junior Champion Dorper Ram
140387 went on to be the Senior Champion Dorper Ram
and then the Grand Champion Ram and the Joint Supreme Dorper Exhibit (shared with the outstanding Dorper ewe from Dell Dorpers)

In addition, the Reserve Senior Champion Ram shown by Bulmar Stud was sired by a Kaya ram.

Thank you to all the people esp. Marius Loots and Bullie Malherbe who helped me with my sheep, and my family who do 90% of the showing while I sit in the stands and take it easy.

Special thanks to Kane Chatfield from the Farm Weekly for the use of the photos.

2015 National Sale – Dubbo

Kaya entered 4 rams in the 2015 National Sale.

Dorper Rams

Kaya 130153 was sold for $20 000 to the “Sunnyside Dorper Stud”

Kaya 130064 was sold for $18 000 to the “Dust N Rain Dorper Stud”

White Dorper Rams

Kaya 130675 was sold for $7000 to the “Melashdan White Dorper Stud”


Kaya 130677 was sold for $7500 to the “Avoca Dorper Stud”

Bendigo National Show

Kaya took 13 rams the 3300km trip to the 2015 National Dorper Show, Bendigo.

We enjoyed great success winning 4 of the 5 classes we entered.

Dorper ram lamb born 1/4/14 to 31/7/14
2nd Kaya 140093
4th Kaya 140059
Dorper 2 tooth ram
1st Kaya 130153
2nd Kaya 130064
Dorper 4 tooth ram
1st Kaya 120727

Grand Champion ram – Kaya 130153
Reserve Grand Champion ram – Kaya 130064

White Dorper ram lamb 1/4/14 to 31/7/14
1st Kaya 140297
White Dorper 2 tooth ram
1st Kaya 130035

Grand Champion ram – Kaya 140297
Supreme White Dorper exibit – Kaya 140297

130153 Bendigo

Kaya 2014/15 Breeding Programme

The aim for the 2015 breeding season is to produce 1500-2000 purebred Dorper and White Dorper lambs.

We have mated 850 purebred ewes and we have just finished 2nd major embryo program for the 2014/15 season to progeny test young Sires
Program 1 – Programmed 47 ewes for 476 transferable embryos.
Program 2 – Programmed 67 ewes for 756 transferable embryos.

Gives us a total of 1232 embryos from 114 ewes (10.81 emb/ewe).

Program 1 scanned at 74% so looking forward to a interesting 2015.

Sires are
Kaya 130064 (Reserve Champion Dubbo National – SRC index 132)
Kaya 120727 (Reserve Champion Bendigo)
Kaya 121034 (Supreme ram at Dubbo May – SRC index 129)
Kaya 130153
Kaya 130553
Kaya 130520

Kaya White 130035 (Reserve Champion Dubbo National & Senior Champion Bendigo – SRC 122).

We have also used some of our sires that were from the original imports to give an indication of where we have progressed. Both these rams have excellent ASBVs for muscling (>3.0).
Kaya White 010557
Kaya White 020227

Kaya – 2014 in Review

Kaya Dorper & White Dorper has had a very positive 2014 and we feel that we are breeding a sheep that is well suited for the Australian environment and industry.

The following is a summary of what we achieved in 2014


In 2014 Kaya continued to participate in the major Dorper shows around Australia. While I am not a great fan of the show circuit it enables us to directly compare our sheep against other breeders. We normally only show mature ram lambs and aged rams as we feel that young rams change and are not reprentative of future progress. We rarely show ewes as we expect them to be in production and not being wasted at shows.

We attended:
Wagin Woolarama (WA) – Champion White Dorper ram (Kaya 110420) and Champion Dorper ram (Kaya 120727).
ASWS-Bendigo (Vict) – Champion Senior White Dorper ram (Kaya 130035), Reserve Champion Senior Dorper ram (Kaya 120727)
National Dorper Show-Dubbo (NSW) – Reserve Champion Junior White Dorper ram (Kaya 130683), Reserve Champion Senior White Dorper ram (Kaya 130035), Reserve Senior Champion Dorper ram (Kaya 130064).
Kaya won both 2 tooth ram classes with Kaya 130035 and Kaya 130064. A full blood Kaya ewe shown by Burrawang also won the 2 tooth Dorper ewe class.


Kaya continued with a strong emphasis on performance breeding using ASBV produced through Sheep Genetics Australia.

Our breeding program is aimed at producing a Dorper as a MATERNAL breed and our emphasis is on fertility, worm tolerance, growth, and muscling.

At the end of 2014 if you search in all shedding breeds in Australia (sires with more than 30 progeny), you will find that Kaya has the following:
* 17 of the top 20 – NLW (number of lamb weaned)
* 9 of the top 29 – Pwec (worm tolerance)
* 5 of the top 10 – Pemd (eye muscle depth)
* 17 of the top 50 – SRC Index

Any potential client can access the performance records and pedigree of any of the 16000 Dorpers produced by Kaya since we started breeding by going to the sheep genetics website.


At Kaya we are strong believers in visual classification on conformation traits that have made the Dorper such a unique breed. We use an independent inspector and work to the International Dorper Breed Standards and only keep Type 4 and 5 animals in the stud.
In 2014 we sold ewes at 2 separate sales. After selecting the top 40% of ewes to be retained in the stud we had the remaining ewes inspected for compliance with the breed standards.
Of the 39 ewes sold at the Burrawang sale, 31 were classifed as stud (13 Type 5 – 18 Type 4).
Of the 105 ewes sold at the Kaya sale, 68 were classified as stud (31 Type 5 – 37 Type 4).
We endevour to sell high quality stock that can be used in most breeding programs.