Gunnedah Sale – 8th March 2013

Kaya Dorper & White Dorper
Combined Autumn Production Sale
(in conjunction with Castlebar and Prieska Dorpers)

8th March 2013

Gunnedah Showgrounds

Inspection 10am – Sale Commences 12pm

Kaya (NSW) is very proud to present the following line up of Dorpers and White Dorpers. The sale is the majority of the drop from embryo programs performed at Prieska Dorpers and have been raised in Inverell NSW. Kaya (NSW) has retained 2 Dorper rams, 1 White Dorper ram, 4 Dorper ewes, and 6 White Dorper ewes to show at the National show.

The animals have been raised on natural pasture with the ram being offered
200 grams/head/day for the last 4 weeks to finish them off for sale and it is obvious from the scanning data that the animals are in peak condition and not overfed. A scanning fat level of 3mm is equivalent to 12mm or score 3.

All the animals that have “MP” in their identification are animals held in partnership with Mickey Phillips Dorpers, South Africa and are 100% Mickey Phillips genetics.
In 2009 Mickey Phillips implanted embryos for his own use in Australia. These animals have excellent cover, size and quality and offer any prospective buyer very high quality genetics.

Kaya Dorper & White Dorpers is a advocate of performance breeding in conjunction with good visual selection.
In the Lambplan database, Kaya Dorpers has 28% (6596 of the 23587) and
Kaya White Dorpers has 10% (6621 of the 63035) of all animals recorded.
This gives us over 13000 animals recorded which results in high accuracies for our Lambplan data. Due to the lateness of our scanning the figures were not available at the release of this catalogue. These figures will be submitted on the 28th Feb 13 and up-to-date ASBV data will be available on from the 5th March.