November 2012

OJD Testing

We have just completed a OJD Pooled Faecal sample (PFC) on our recipient farm situated at Boddington, WA with NEGATIVE results. That farm will now enter the OJD Market Assurance Program with a MN1 status.
All lambs born on this property are vaccinated to give an added guarantee.

This is the first step for Kaya to enter the Dorper and White Dorper market in Australia without any potential health issues.

We can happily claim to be the most tested Dorper and White Dorper stud for OJD in Australia.

We will continue to test our home property but to this point in time, we are yet to isolate a single animal showing any clinical signs of OJD. The only way we can prove that OJD is not on this property is to continue testing and swamp the “authorities” with negative results.

2012 lamb drop

This years drop of lambs in the Dorper and White Dorper studs are the best that we have had by a big distance. The improvement in the Dorper sheep has amazed me. This year we have not trimmed a Dorpers foot although the White Dorper rams were checked and some were trimmed pre-sale.

The covering on Dorpers and White Dorpers has improved dramatically. We will continue our policy of shearing sheep at least 8 weeks pre-sale so it is very evident to the buyers how they “shed” their cover.