Kaya Dorper & White Dorper Sale – 24th October 2012

Kaya Dorper & White Dorper 8th Annual Production sale

50 Dorper rams / 60 White Dorper rams
50 Dorper ewes / 50 White Dorper ewes

Kaya is Brucella Ovis free and has 2 ABC points for OJD being a “tested low level infected flock” (read explanation on previous news posts).

All rams in this sale have had a negative PFC tests performed prior to the sale and, while this is not a 100% guarantee, it will be as good a guarantee as ANYBODY in the sheep industry can provide, given the quality of the available tests and the fact that very few sheep studs have undertaken the Market Assurance Program. Kaya (WA) will be able to provide an Animal Health Statement with 2 ABC points, which is the equivalent of any untested flock in WA.

We are operating on auctionsplus but if required interested parties will be able to ring a Landmark agent at the sale to listen to the auction live and bid.

We are offering 39 Type 5 ewes (21 Dorper / 18 White Dorper), and 41 Type 4 ewes (19 Dorper / 32 White Dorper).
The quality of the ewes in the sale this year are way above what we have ever offered in the past and would be an excellent foundation for any stud.