Worm egg counts (WEC)

In 2010, 2011 and 2012, Kaya has aimed to produce a parasite tolerant Dorper and White Dorper using extensive worm egg counts on all our young animals and the use of Lambplan to analyse these results to give us a ASBV for worm tolerance.

At Kaya we feel that the breeding of a worm tolerant animal is of great importance in the development of the Dorper and White Dorper breed in Australia.

Fortunately the better sires that we have at Kaya have also been very good for worm tolerance.

Kaya 071209 who was Senior Champion Dorper ram at the 2009 Dubbo National show and is presently the leading Dorper/White Dorper performance tested sire in the Lambplan Dorper “elites”. He is also one of the better performing Dorpers on the WEC showing a figure at present of -ve 58%.

Kaya White 071345 who was Reserve Senior Champion White Dorper ram at the 2009 Dubbo National show is also showing excellent performance data, being ranked 10th on the “elites” and has good figures for WEC.