Kaya Dorper & White Dorper Health Status & Quality Control

In the current market with the large moment of livestock around Australia it is important that clients understand and control the health status of their flocks. Below is a summary of the health status at Kaya. If you have any queries about our health status then please ask.

Johnes disease – As most people would be aware, the current situation with Johnes disease will change in 2011. With this in mind Kaya has joined the SheepMAP (Aust Johnes Disease Market Assurance Program for Sheep). We have completed our first test with NEGATIVE results which as of the 1st Oct 2011 gives us 4 ABC points.

Brucella Ovis – Kaya is an accredited Brucella Ovis flock and has been since our beginnings. Our accreditation number is WAOvac 348 – expiry 10th July 2013.

Dermatosparaxis – Kaya White Dorpers tested all breeding animals in 2007/08 and all breeding stock are now free. Any new Sires or Dams introduced to the stud are routinely tested.

Virulent Footrot – Kaya is virulent footrot free.

Quality Control – At Kaya we are passionate about producing a good product and ensuring that our clients are receiving a product which undergoes as many quality evaluations as possible.

To do this, all Kaya sheep are evaluated using ASBVs through Sheep Genetics Australia and we employ a experienced, qualified inspector to class our sheep before each sale.

This enables the buyer to evaluate performance and to have an independent opinion on the visual qualities of the breeding and sale animals produced at Kaya Dorper and White Dorper.

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