Worm resistance in Dorpers and White Dorpers

After purchasing some genetics that showed a very high susceptability to intestinal parasites we have decided to do some comprehensive work on the ability of some strains of Dorpers and White Dorpers to show a good resistance to intestinal parasites. We have just completed our first lot of sampling and the results are extremely interesting.

In the Dorpers and White Dorpers the difference in Sires ranged from -40% to +40%. This means that there is a 80% variation in the Sires on this property. A negative figure is desirable.

Our aim is to produce a Dorper or White Dorper that is resistant to the effects of intestinal parasites which will save costs and labour in drenching and production loss. It is a 10 year project but the initial results are very promising. These results are available as ASBVs on our animals using the Lambplan search website.

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