Dubbo National Show and Sale-results

Kaya Dorper and White Dorper took 7 ewes to the Dubbo National Show and sale and came home with 6 of the 10 broad ribbons in the ewe classes.

We won Junior Champion Dorper ewe, Junior Champion and Reserve Junior Champion White Dorper ewe, and Senior Reserve Champion Dorper ewe and Senior Champion White Dorper ewe plus the Champion White Dorper ewe of the show.

These ewes were all sold at the sale with the Junior Champion Dorper ewe selling for $2700.

Our rams were in the running but did not fair as well as the ewes. In the Dorper heavyweight ram class we were placed 1st and 2nd and we made the finals in all classes that we entered.

I must congratulate the Eastern region on such a well run forum, show and sale and the resulting publicity has been exceptional for the breed.

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