1st Autumn Dorper & White Dorper Ewe Sale – 23rd April 2009

It is very pleasing to report a 100% clearance at our 1st Autumn ewe sale and even more pleasing that 50% of the animals were sold to the Eastern States. We would like to thank all our clients, both old and new that supported the sale. Ewes sold at a consistent level for the entire sale with very little price difference between the 1st ewe offered and the last.

The top priced animals were: Dorper ewe – $520 (Clunes Crossing Dorper Stud, QLD), White Dorper ewe – $1740 (Bunnerungie White Dorper Stud, NSW), Dorper ram – $1500 (Jilakin Downs Dorper Stud, WA), White Dorper ram – $2800 (Jilakin Downs White Dorper Stud, WA).


 Sale Results  Dorper    White Dorper      
 Type 4 Ewes  55 animals  $383.64  49 animals  $569.39    
 Type 3 Ewes  45 animals  $353.33  50 animals  $410.00    
 Total  100 animals  $370.00 99 animals  $488.89    
Rams 5 animals $1080.00 5 animals $1500.00    
 Sale Total 209 animals $470.33  Gross $98 300      


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