Kaya Annual Production Sale – Results

We would like to thank our clients for once again making our annual sale a great success. I wish all buyers the best of success with their new purchases.

The top priced White Dorper ram, Kaya 061579 was sold for $7100 to the Westdale White Dorper Stud.

The top priced Dorper ram, Kaya 070056 was sold for $6000 to the Dorper stud of Luis Roberto Alanis Alanis, Mexico.

The top priced White Dorper ewe, Kaya 070106 (Lot 70), was sold for $1100 to Dean Powrie at Narromine NSW.

The top Dorper ewe, Kaya 070840 (Lot 30), was sold for $1600 to Jaap Pienaar, Mabaru Dorper Stud, Narrogin WA.


White Dorper Rams $79,500.00 52 1,528.85  
White Dorper Ewes – Studs $46,550.00 74 629.05  
White Dorper Ewes – Commercial $20,000.00 45 444.44  
Dorper Rams   $46,500.00 49 948.98  
Dorper Ewes – Studs $33,100.00 55 601.82  
Dorper Ewes – Commercial $3,810.00 19 200.53  
      $229,460.00 294 $780.48  


::: Selection Criteria:

The “performance testing” of our animals is based on the following “Estimated Breeding Values” principles.

We want an animal that is “less than 0 for “birthweight”, a minimum of +3 for “weaning weight“, a minimum of +6 for “post weaning weight”, a maximum of +1 for “post weaning fat”, a minimum of +1.5 for “post weaning eye muscle depth” and finally a maximum of +10 for “yearling weight” then for the maternal side we would like an animal of +5 for “number of lambs weaned” and >0 for “maternal weaning weight”.

This gives us a well muscled early growth animal with a low adult weight which we consider is the aim for a maternal mother that has the ability to wean good weights and good number of lambs.

With performance breeding it is very easy to change your sheep for “better or worse” and selection solely for growth will result in high birthweight, high growth but a very large adult weight. Kaya does not want to breed that type of animal.

The “visual selection” of our animals is based on the “South African Breed Standards” with particular emphasis on “shedding ability” and “shoulder and feet conformation”.

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