Wagin Woolarama 2008

We have just completed another successful year of showing our sheep. Our aim is to evaluate where we stand in the industry on visual assessment. Kaya Dorper and White Dorper entered all eighteen classes in both Dorper and White Dorper and we were placed 1st in all classes except for one, where we finished 2nd to a Kaya daughter stud.

Kaya 060036 was Champion White Dorper Ram (was also champion in 2007) and Kaya 071593 was Champion White Dorper Ewe and Supreme White Dorper Exhibit. She is a daughter of Kaya 060036. The ram lamb that finished 1st in the “milk teeth” class was also a son of Kaya 060036.

Kaya 070617 was Champion Dorper Ram and Supreme Dorper Exhibit.He is a son of Kaya 051614 who was Champion ram and Supreme Dorper at the 2007 Woolarama. Kaya 060845 (Jordaan embryo) was Champion Dorper Ewe.

We are very proud of our sheep and now feel that we have a very even, very good shedding sheep with excellent conformation and fat distribution.

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