Dubbo National Sale 2016

Kaya entered 3 Dorper rams and 3 White Dorper rams in the 2016 Dubbo National Sale.

Dorper Rams
The top priced and only Type 5 ram in the sale was
Kaya “Hijack” 140387 and he sold to the Sunnyside Dorper Stud QLD for $25000

Kaya 140614 (Type 4) sold for $3200

Kaya 140709 (Type 4) sold for $7000

White Dorper Rams
The top priced White Dorper Ram was Kaya “Pepperjack” 140231 and he sold to the Dumisa, African, and Wirlings White Dorper Studs for $15000

Kaya 140297 sold for $10000 to Dust N Rain Stud

Kaya 140326 sold for $8000 to J & D Milne

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