Breeding for internal parasite resistance/tolerance

At Kaya we are attempting to use the best technology to develop the Dorper and White Dorper into a low maintence animal.

One of the traits which we have identified as an economical significant trait is the resistance / tolerance to intestinal parasites.

Our aim is to breed a worm tolerant animal that still conforms with the International Breed Standards and also is performing in other traits such as growth and fertility.

In 2010 we commenced the testing of all animals less than 18 months of age to identify animals that show genetic tolerance to “worms”.
This involved doing indivual worm egg counts on all weaners and hoggetts.

Research has shown that selection of animals with low faecal worm egg counts (Fec) is heritable and by submitting all our raw data through Sheep Genetics Australia, we now have good ASBV for Fec.

Kaya 071209 who was Champion Senior ram at the 2009 National Dorper Show is ranked number four in Australia on the Dorper SRC index, and also has a -35% for PFec with 80% accuracy.

When reading the data a NEGATIVE value for PFec or YFec is desirable.

Kaya will present Fec data in all our sale catalogues.

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